YOU’RE NOT CRAZY... to want your screws, nuts and any other
metal parts to stay in one place and keep them where you need them

The HEXdek Platform Creates The Perfect Area To Put Your R/C Creation Together & Take Apart

The HEXdek provides a flat, secure area to keep your parts out in the open – no need for a tray. Your parts end up being easier to see and access without them rolling off the table. Nothing more annoying than seeing a small set screw or ball bearing rollaway that you couldn’t grab fast enough. You only have so many hands.

HEXdek is like a third hand, ready and standing by to assist you. It looks great too. Dress up your work area. Multiple styles to choose from.



+ 144 Lb. / Sq. Ft. Magnetic Field - The HEXdek Holding Power Keeps All Metal Hardware In One Place

+ Reduced Free Roll - The HEXdek Contains Your Parts - No Picking Them Off The Ground Or From Behind Your Workbench

+ Unique, Synthetic Rubber Coating - The HEXdek Is Sealed & Protected Against Grease, Nitro Fuel & Cleaners

+ Flexible - Place The HEXdek On An Irregular Surface And Never Lose Functionality




Customize your
HEXdek today!

Do you have a photo, cool graphics or company logo you want to put on your own HEXdek?

Have your
HEXdek reflect who you are.
Click here to start customizing yours today!

You may have seen us on the Radio Control Show with Kevin talking about our HEXdeks - (magnetic pit / work decks - click here to see episode 122 and go to 4:30 on the timeline)


We did a few HEXdeks for RC Driver too!

Original artwork by David Baker- RC Driver

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