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Associated MGT 3.0 HexHeads A.P. Conversion RC Screw Kit

Your Price: $43.15
Item Number: AP-ASM30-0431
Manufacturer: Hexcrews - RC Fastening Solutions
Hexcrews HexHeads A.P. (Armor Plated) Conversion Kits are:

- High Strength
- Heat Treated Alloy Steel
- Socket Head Screw Kits
- Composed of the strongest screws on the market - Grade 12.9. 
- Zinc-Nickel Alloy Plated - Providing Excellent Corrosion Resistance
- Designed to convert your vehicle to a more secure, reliable winner.  

- A key feature of our HexHeads screw kits is the substitution of the
easily stripped button head screws, that come stock with most vehicles,
with our Grade 12.9 socket head cap screws.
{ The essential flat head countersunk socket screws are also included at high strength.}

- One sheet of HexHeads A.P. decals included.

+ Each screw size is individually packaged and labeled
and you'll find the right screw when you need it.