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HEXdek - Magnetic Work Deck / Pit Mat - "Kaleid-o-Mojo"

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Item Number: HCKMJB-1220
Manufacturer: Hexcrews - RC Fastening Solutions
Item #: HCKMJB-1220

Dimensions: 24 in. x 12 in.

Thickness: .060 in.
Color: Mojo Blue

Style: Kaleid-o-Mojo

Protection: Unique Synthetic Rubber Coating

Magnetic Pull: 144 lb./ft 

Each HEXdek has an inch and metric ruler for quick measurements
and this larger version provides helpful info on how to measure various screw types.
All are specially coated for harsh environments. HEXdek magnetic pull will keep small
and large parts in on place and will look great doing it.